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4PCS/12PCS Set Elastic Bed Sheet Grippers Clips

4PCS/12PCS Set Elastic Bed Sheet Grippers Clips

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Do you often find your bed sheets slipping and bunching up in the night? Do you worry about your mattress becoming lumpy and uneven?

Introducing 4Pcs/Set 12Pcs/Set Bed Sheet Clip Bed Sheet Belt Fastener Mattress Elastic Non-Slip Clip Blanket Gripper White and Black. These amazing little clips are the perfect solution to keep your bedding in place. Made with quality elastic rope and metal plating, they are strong and durable, yet gentle on your fabrics. The duckbill clip design contains soft plastics to prevent biting and damage to your sheets. They are also adjustable in length, so you can customize them to fit your bedding perfectly. With easy operation, simply pull the side of each corner to secure. These clips are great for not only bed sheets, but also mattress pads, tablecloths, ironing board covers, slipcovers and more.

Keep your home looking neat and tidy with 4Pcs/Set 12Pcs/Set Bed Sheet Clip Fasteners in Black or White


  • Material: Plastic buckle + elastic band + Metal Clips
  • Length: Adjusts from 20cm to 50cm



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